About Us

Company’s Mission

To provide Quality Modular and Manufactured Homes and Additions DIRECT from the Best Factories in the Midwest at a GREAT PRICE. Some may require additional remodeling to an existing structure which we can do as well. We offer a complete “TurnKey” Menu of services which we call our “BREAKFAST”, “LUNCH” and “DINNER” Menus. Please ask to see a “TurnKey” Menu for your project. If the need or site requires we can site build your home or addition as well, although it generally takes longer and is more expensive.

Company’s History

TurnKeyHome.com a division of Creative Horizons, Inc, was formed in 1986 after 10 years of Home Remodeling and Building. In 1986 we learned the huge advantages to Modular or Factory construction methods after we had purchased a property with 4 “True” cottages that need extensive TLC to make them financially viable. More to come.

Jeff Kreger